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Everytime something happen and we find out that we have lost all kind of important information we ask ourselves the same question: “Why in the hell didn't I do a backup!” A lot of answers emerge to that question and almost all of them relies on the buckup application, for example: I didn't remember to do it! Well, BackUp995 will remember it for you using its scheduler module. Or: It's too complicated and time consuming to set up my backup application! Once again, BackUp995 makes it really easy and fast for you. Let's know something else about this fundamental tool. BackUp995, as its name indicates, is a backup application. The remarkable things about it are that it's really simple to use, with few screens to learn, it works automatically since it has a scheduler module to set up programmed tasks, and well... it's free! It's not exactly free though because the free version is an adware license wich means that it'll become really annoying real fast poping up Internet browser windows over and over again. But, you can access to a commercial licensed version for only 9,95 per user. Trust me on this, is totally worth it! So, how does it work? A four tabs window is all you are going to see. They are: Backup; Restore; Archive; Schedule. Let's see them in more detail: Backup: On top you'll fin a text box listing the folders to back up that you've been selected, and a three related buttons: Add Folder, Clear and Save. The Create New BackUp checkbox no need further explanation. Going down on this screen you will find the Backup destination text box and its button to select or change the preselected destination folder. Please, try to remember the folder you choose and take into account that BackUp995 will delete any existing file in the folder! All that is left is the BackUp files button to execute the task. Restore: Here, you will see a list of the dates that backups have been made so you choose the date you're interested in. Below that, a big text box show us a Windows Explorer like tree, containing the file and folders structure in the BackUp folder. You just have to select the folder in wich the buckup you wanna restore is, set a destination folder for the restoration and press the Restore files button. Archive: In this section you can archive into a .zip file the backed up information. You select the date the back up was made, wheter or not to delete the back up files after archiving and just press the Archive to Zip file button. Lower in this very screen you can reverse this operation by clicking the Retrieve button wich will launch a browser windows for you to seek your zip file. In these operations you can optionally use a password, entered in the password text box on the bottom of the screen. Schedule: You set the time to start back up and days of the week you want to do them. Not a very flexible programming interface, but it makes it quick and easy to use. You can ckeck the “Store backup as archive file” checkbox if you prefer. To finish, start the feature by pushing the “Install Automatic Backup Service”.

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